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[VID]5 things that help me avoid procrastination.mp414-Apr-2020 21:46 24M
[VID]A Catholic Priest Who Teaches Shia Islam, Father Christopher Clohessy.mp416-Sep-2019 16:59 279M
[VID]An Exploration of Space.mp421-May-2020 09:22 175M
[VID]Apple Event — October 13.mp413-Oct-2020 15:09 462M
[VID]Apple Event — September 15.mp414-Oct-2020 08:41 432M
[VID]Apple event in 51 seconds.mp413-Oct-2020 15:42 4.6M
[VID]Bernie Sanders and Jimmy Carter on Human Rights.mp409-May-2017 18:19 162M
[VID]Collections Refueled.mp415-Sep-2020 00:45 72M
[VID]Everything you have ever wanted to know about coffee.mp423-Sep-2018 21:31 59M
[VID]Failure is a Four-Letter Word -- A Parody in Empirical Research.mp416-Aug-2016 23:22 92M
[VID]Goodnight Developers.mp404-Jun-2019 11:19 4.3M
[VID]How to finally overcome procrastination..mp427-Sep-2020 19:03 36M
[VID]Introducing Apple Fitness+.mp420-Sep-2020 00:56 4.4M
[VID]Introducing Apple Watch Series 6 — It Already Does That.mp419-Sep-2020 23:29 9.2M
[VID]Introducing iPad Air — Apple.mp420-Sep-2020 15:03 5.8M
[VID]Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio.mp427-Oct-2016 00:56 18M
[VID]introduction to Automation - CI_CD in Space.mp412-Oct-2020 04:12 83M
[VID]Intro to Kanban in Under 5 Minutes (What is Kanban, Learn Kanban).mp418-Aug-2016 07:37 28M
[VID]Intro to Scrum in Under 10 Minutes.mp413-Aug-2016 11:52 37M
[VID]I wore the same shirt every day for 3 years..mp415-Oct-2020 16:07 56M
[VID]JDK11 - Introduction to JDK Flight Recorder.mp422-Sep-2020 11:06 38M
[VID]Keeping Your Java Applications Secure - Cryptographic Improvements and Best Practices.mp415-Sep-2020 00:52 78M
[VID]Keynote - The Future of Java Is Now.mp417-Sep-2020 13:23 129M
[VID]My Google Pixel 5 Review!.mp414-Oct-2020 12:54 51M
[VID]Niccolo Machiavelli -- The School of Life.mp409-Feb-2018 02:28 31M
[VID]One Way to Effectively Manage Your Time.mp410-Mar-2020 15:39 48M
[VID]The 25 greatest Java Apps ever written.mp408-Oct-2020 18:53 7.7M
[VID]The most overlooked way to be more productive.mp423-Jun-2020 19:28 32M
[VID]There is a hidden wire stretched above American cities.mp425-Oct-2015 01:03 55M
[VID]The Secret Laptop Club.mp410-Oct-2020 22:50 21M
[VID]This is iPhone 12 Pro — Apple.mp414-Oct-2020 02:40 11M
[VID]Unboxing the Apple Mask.mp428-Sep-2020 00:56 141M
[VID]Vagrant in 5 minutes.mp408-Mar-2018 14:48 42M
[VID]Webcast - An Analyst's view on Java SE.mp421-Oct-2020 16:21 41M
[VID]Why I quit trying to build the perfect morning routine..mp414-Aug-2020 01:03 25M
[VID]ZGC - The Next Generation Low-Latency Garbage Collector.mp415-Sep-2020 00:43 72M